Thursday, June 11, 2009

We're 'All Set'

I heard that phrase about 100 times last time we were in Boston and heard it again this morning, so I had to use it.

We'll, Linden's surgery is scheduled. At the same time, I'm scared out of my mind and yet, relieved because this is our little girl's only chance at seeing her first birthday.

I just talked with Sherry from Dr. B in Boston's office. We need to be there on July 15th in order to be at our 7Am outpatient workup on July 16th. That's when they'll do an echo, ekg, and bloodwork. On Friday, July 17th, she'll be having a cardiac catheterization procedure at 7am. She will stay overnight and be discharged on Satuday. Monday July 20th at 6:30 Am we need to be at the hospital for her surgery. She has to stop her baby asprin one week before on July 12 and if she gets sick less than a week before her surgery we need to call them to postpone surgery.

We have been told that this surgery will not be as long (longest 7 hours of my life) or as complex at her AV canal repair last November. It's pretty straightforward from the surgeon's point of view and they seem to have a good idea as to what they'll be doing once she's in there.

Here's a cute picture of Tris and Linnie from the other day. See the redness under Linden's eyes that I was talking about before?

Thanks for checking in on us!


~Thought for the day~
All is well. I'm ready for whatever comes today. My yesterdays have prepared me.

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  1. I continue to pray for sweet Linden. She's having the cath procedure on Heidi's birthday, so that must be good luck!