Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mindy only has NINE days until transfer...

If you are reading this right now and are ready to commit to a sweetie with Down syndrome, PLEASE consider Mindy from Russia.
Her time is in her baby home is running out.
She turns four in 9 days.
She desperately needs to be saved before she's transferred to a mental institution for ADULTS.
She's merely a baby.
She cannot be adopted out of the institution and will probably die within the first year.
PLease join me in praying that Mindy will be spared from that horrible place.


Doesn't she look like Linden?
Oh how I wish that my husband would say yes.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Please Save Dennis!!!

This sweet little boy has just lost the family who was adopting him. He is going to be transferred to the mental institution on his 4th birthday if someone doesn't come for him soon. Please, please pass the word on about him. He needs a USCIS paper ready family to save him in time. He also has a $5000 grant towards the cost of his adoption. Also, there is a sweet little boy named Alec that faces the same fate in June who also has a $5000 grant. Please consider one or both of these sweet boys!!

This is Dennis

Here is his listing on Reece's Rainbow. The picture of him isn't very good. The blue dots are medicine.

This is Alec who will be transferred in June 2010 if not adopted.

Zheyna just turned 3 but is at the same orphanage and is at risk as well. He has $1629 in his grant fund.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Tortilla Margherita Pizza- A meal for 5 under $10

This is so quick and easy and my kids love it! Please excuse the not-so-great pictures. ;)

You'll need
flour tortillas (one for each pizza)
a can of petite diced tomatoes
jar of pesto sauce-I use Classico brand found at Wal-Mart for a little over $2
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese


Spread some pesto sauce on the tortillas. You only need about 3 tsp of it. A couple spoonfuls of the tomatoes is good, depending on what you like.

This is how it looks with the cheese before it's baked.

Bake the pizzas for at 450 degrees for 7-10 minutes. When the cheese is bubbling and is starting to get brown, it's done.


Enjoy! I always cut the kids up in 4 pieces.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I was taking a bath earlier and praying about what to write about on the blog and it just came to me - clear as day - TRISTEN! Tristen is my 7.5 year old stepdaughter. She's the oldest of our three. She turned five years old one week after Joe and I started dating. She and I don't always see eye to eye and we butt heads alot. See, she has a very strong personality and is very opinionated. She really believes that I should consider her opinions-on anything and everything! Really. In a way, this is one of her best qualities and in a way, her worst. I'm in a constant battle with her:

"Tristen, I do not need your opinion on what I'm going to eat tonight."
"Tristen, I do not need your opinion on whether or not I should wash the dishes now or later."

etc. etc. etc.....

I just want to yell "JUST BE A KID!!!"

See, she hasn't always had it easy. Her mom and dad got divorced when she was a year old and her dad (my husband) has had sole custody of her since then. Her mom has been in and out of her life and this has really confused Tristen. Her dad worked alot the first year he had her alone and she stayed with various relatives. He did the best he possibly knew how to do. He didn't feel like he had time for her to be a baby, so in alot of ways, he pushed her to grow up, perhaps a little too fast. I believe that she's not always sure how to react to situations because of this. Sometimes, she is SUCH a kid about things and other times, very grown up. She has told me before with a very straight face that if I were to leave her dad and move out that they would be fine. She said it with basically no emotion. And that really hurt me. She broke my heart that day. Did I mean nothing to her? I guess I had a bit of a childish reaction. I told myself that I wasn't going to allow myself to be hurt by a little six year old girl. I was just going to shut myself out from forming any bond with her. I was just going to co-exist.

Nope. Not the right answer. Ehhhhh. Wrong answer. After muuuuuch soul searching and praying, I came to the conclusion that I love my husband very much and I love my daughters very much and even if I was scared of Tristen hurting me, she really needs me. She needs a mom. Her walls that she had up blocking me out were just defense mechanisms so that she wouldn't have to be hurt over losing someone else, another mom. And in the last six or so months, our relationship is really getting better. She sees that I'm not. going. anywhere! I'm in for the long haul.

I want her to know that I love her. I want her to know that I'll always be there for her. I want her to read this when she's older and realize that everything that I'm doing for her is because she deserves it. She's worth the crying and screaming and yelling. (I'm the one doing all of those things. HAHA!) She is worth someone sticking around and loving her for who she truly is. It's not always easy, but the best things in life don't come without a cost.

She's a bright, smiley, loving, compassionate girl who LOVES digging in the garden for shiny rocks and slimy bugs. She loves to cook. She's really getting into reading books. She's very interested in coming to mass with me and is getting really good at learning her prayers. She makes a friend everywhere she goes and is a great big sister. Here are a couple pictures of her that I'd like to share.


I love you and I'm very proud of you!

Miss Bianca/Mama (depending on your mood lol)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our children's purposes

I'm reading this book right now and this page really spoke to me. I often for get that my children (living in my house now and children to come) are all gifts from God. They were only sent to me for a short while but they belong to God. This book was written in 1982 (before I was born) but it is very much up to date. God's word is never old.

This is an excerpt from the book A Mother's Heart by Jean Fleming.

"Before I was pregnant with Matthew, I studied the lives of biblical women who had waited for a child. These women were Sarah, the mother of Isaac; Hannah, the mother of Samuel; Rebekah, the mother of Jacob; Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist; and Samson's mother. From my study, I gained a conviction that every child comes from God and ought to live for God's purposes.
Each of these women were initially barren. They waited and waited to conceive a child. Since failure to conceived a child was often considered a curse, they experienced torment and ridicule. All of them endured a painful wait. Two of them- Sarah and Elizabeth- reached old age before conceiving.
Was it really necessary for these women to experience the agony of a long wait? Yes, there was a purpose.
God had something special in mind. He wanted to give each of these mothers a special child-a child with a specific purpose-and He wanted to receive the glory. Everyone must know that God did it. The awe and wonder of conception is often lost on us especially since almost anyone can conceive- rich or poor, educated or uneducated, godly or ungodly. We can easily forget the part God plays in every birth.
But God did something special for each of these barren women. Their pregnancies bore the obvious sign of his intervention. They fully realized that God did it.
Unless a sense of wonder accompanies parenthood, we may either take our responsibility too lightly or else cling too tightly to our chilren. God knows that withholding children often produces a different mentality in a waiting mother or father to be.
I wonder if Abraham could have laid his son, Isaac, on the altar if the long wait had not prepared his heart. Would Hannah have given her beloved young son, Samuel, to God's service if he had come much earlier? Did the wait produce a conviction that Samuel came from God and should live for God's purposes, a conviction that she otherwise might now have experienced?
Perhaps another reason God allowed these mothers to endure a long wait was to lay a groundwork of prayer. They knew that these children were children of purpose and promise, and undoubtedly, each of them was much prayed for.
I, too, wanted the convictions of a mother who had waited on God, even though my wait was comparatively short. I prayed, "God, please give me the sense that these women had that this child will be from you and for you."