Saturday, December 12, 2009

Urgent Plea for families for these children!

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Please Grab This Button!

Please Grab This Button!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Timmy, Ivan and Ruslana

These sweet boys are listed on Reece's Rainbow. Both of them will be turning 4 years old soon and will be sent to the instution if not adopted by then.

Timmy (12)

BOY, Born February 22, 2006


Little Timmy has severe, untreated hydrocephalus, and this pressure is affecting his eyes. He is unable to see at this time, but he does have strabismus and cognitive delays resulting from the hydrocephaly. Surgery and a shunt will be a miracle for him. Please consider Timmy, he is facing the institution soon.

Ivan (12)

BOY, Born May 4, 2006

Ivan also has untreated hydrocephalus. He has strabismus, and cognitive and speech delay. He is not able to walk yet. But he is cute as a button and will blossom after surgery in a loving family environment! Ivan is also facing the institution soon, and can be adopted with Timmy and several other children with DS in this same orphanage.

Neither of the boys have any money in their grant funds, so even if you aren't in a position to adopt, you can still help. Every single penny that you give helps the family who is able to commit to them. They are from the same orphanage so they can be adopted together! They would make a sweet set of brothers, don't you think?

Also, after losing her family earlier this week and facing and imminent transfer to the institution, ANOTHER family has stepped up to bring Ruslana home! They do need your help though as adoption is very costly. They have 7 weeks to raise $25,000. Will you please help them? You can help them just by advocating and by prayer. Please visit their blog and put Ruslana's button on your blog.

Saving Ruslana
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two Year Anniversary

Happy 2 years Joe!! I hope you like this! I love you very much.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

You never know who is listening

On a message board about adoption, a woman was saddened to hear that one of the boys from the orphanage where she adopted her son aged out of the home and was no longer available for adoption. She said that he was such a pleasant person and her heart is hurting knowing that he'll most likely never have a 'real' family. In response, Shelley B. wrote something so beautiful and thought provoking and I wanted to share it with all of you.

"Man, oh man....I hear this EVERY single day...."you can't save them all".
But, what keeps my heart from completely breaking is "that one" and "this one" and "those 2".....each and every child that comes home. Over TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE kids because ONE little boy was born to an unsuspecting family and another little boy's photo stole that mama's heart and inspired her to put together a website and start a ministry. THAT is why I KNOW that advocating works.....that if we just keep talking, just keep showing the photos, sharing the facts and putting the information out DOES make a difference.
There are days when my heart is overwhelmed with the burden...ONE HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN MILLION orphans....most who will never know the love of a family. I will be honest and tell you that I've had some very "real" conversations with God on this topic. But at the end of the the end of every single day...I am thankful that God has opened my eyes and put this burden in my heart, because somebody has to keep talking.
You're right, advocating is the key. Just keep talking. You never know when someone is listening. I will always remember my heart was breaking on his birthday. I little boy who had survived that horrible institution and been moved to a better place...and because of a birthday was in danger of going back. When I wrote the email to the RR group on his birthday, I was in tears. I just kept talking. I had NO IDEA that the Stolz family was ready to adopt again. Yet, just 2 MONTHS later they are right in this moment in Serbia bringing Milos HOME! That's what keeps me going.

My advice, when you start feeling overwhelmed. ...when you feel like you'd rather just not know about all the kids out there who's situation seems hopeless.... go hang out on the home coming page of RR :) Nope, you can't save them all.....but you can remember them & you can keep talking.

Can you tell I'm leaving tomorrow? I'm a little emotional tonight!"

I can't help but smile when I read that and the part about her being thankful that God has opened her eyes and has put the burden of orphans in her heart REALLY speaks to me. I've seen so many children who were headed for death in a mental institution be saved by a family and they just blossom once they're home. It's amazing what love can do.

Remember, there is never a shortage of families who WANT these children, only a shortage of funds to get them home.

Please take 10 minutes to watch this video of Mary's first year home from Ukraine. It is AMAZING and INSPIRING to watch this sweet girl's transformation coming from the orphanage to her forever family.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, so far, I have raised $65 for Reece's Rainbow. I still need $19,935 to meet my goal. I'm hopeful that God will send the right people to my blog so that we can make the goal by Christmas. I have some other ideas for fundraising and the ONLY reason why some of hasn't been done yet is because my computer at home is SOOOO slllooooow.

I have these things in mind.

I offered to wrap Christmas gifts for family members and friends for a $25 donation to RR.
I'm having a garage sale at my house every Saturday in December.
I'm currently making a web page where I'll be selling a ton of stuff. (online garage sale)
For the locals, my mom and I are buying a Crawfish table and raffling it off for $1 a ticket.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Here are the kiddos that I'm raising the money for. I'm hoping to put half of whatever we make in each of their grant funds.

This is Shea. She has Down syndrome and the same heart defect that Linden has, AV canal defect. Linden's defect was corrected at 11 weeks old and Shea will 4 in January. It is extremely important that Shea gets adopted quickly as she's facing the institution. Once she gets in there, there's no way around it, she won't live very long. This precious girl longs for a family to love her. Isn't she beautiful?

A few months back, I was drawn to this beautiful girl, Anastasia, who just looks like she will make a wonderful daughter. When I sent the money that we made at Linden's birthday party for RR, it was applied to Anastasia without me asking for it to be! Amazing. I would LOVE to take this little girl as my own, but right now I'm just praying that she find a family. She has Down syndrome, too, is already 4.5 and hasn't been transferred to the institution, yet. She's been blessed so far, but it's only a matter of time. I pray that she finds a family soon [and secretly (or not so depends on who you ask!) pray that it's us...shhh!] Doesn't she look like an older version of Linden?

Maxim is a precious little boy who has Pierre Robin syndrome. He's almost 4 and is risking institutionalization as well. What a sweet, sweet face this little boy has. I just loved that collared shirt. He looks like he's saying "I'll love you forever."

While your donations are VERY important, your prayers are just as important! Please keep these little guys as well as the Reece's Rainbow ministry in your daily prayers.