Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Rose is not real!

I previously mentioned April Rose here. For months I've been praying, I've gotten my friends and family to pray and for what..... a DOLL? The original blog is now gone as is all of her 'friends' blogs.

Check out this blog that exposed the April Rose scam.



  1. Hello.

    Small world.

    A friend of mine that read the blog you linked here today, and happened to come across your comment you left about a NILMDTS photographer named Misty Rice, living in Lubbock, TX.

    Well that's ME. Misty Rice a photographer. Born in Lubbock TX, but haven't lived there since I was 3 years old. I live in Florida.

    I thought I would stop by and personally let you know that do photograph terminally ill children such, but I am not related or work for NILMDTS. I have started my own organization in which as soon as the site is up and running, I will announce on my blog.

    I have never met or photographed "B" on April Rose blog....

    You had mentioned you saw that some place and I thought Id ask you where. If you don't mind.

    In truth I am sort of in shock that I some how find my name to even be heard or mentioned with this entire April Rose thing.

    You have a beautiful blog and beautiful family. I hope you don't mind me coming to you and asking you about this. You mentioned my name and so I assume that means you read it some place. I would just like to know so I can clear my name up and not have people questioning me or tying me in with this April Rose story.

    God Bless.

    I would have emailed you but there wasn't an email linked to your blog.

  2. Here is your comment that led me to your blog. :)

    Bianca said...
    Oh and I have another question....Didn't she mention that a NILMDTS photographer named Misty Rice took her pictures? Wasn't that the name?

    Misty Rice is a real photographer, but located in Lubbock, TX.

    Anyone remember her mentioning the photographer's name that did her photo shoot?
    JUNE 9, 2009 9:02 AM

  3. I found your blog through "b"'s blog, and feel your pain with the scam. On the flip side, I just want to say that your little girl, Linden, is darling. I teach high school students with disabilities, and have a special relationship with a young lady named Cass who has down syndrome. Her joyful spirit, unending affection, and unconditional love has been such a blessing in my life, and although the journey is not always easy, I want you to know that you have also been given a gift. Im sure your sweet little girl will grow up to be a blessing to many people (im sure she already is).