Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I miss...

I'm having one of those days.

I miss my friends.
I miss living at my mom's house.
I miss fighting with my sister instead of going to sleep.
I miss Howie.
I miss nursing Aislinn.
I miss being carefree.
I miss Dad-Dad.
I miss sharing a room with Kip.
I miss MamMaw.
I miss cutting out pictures of babies and dreaming of how my life would be when I grew up.
I miss staying up all night talking on AIM.
I miss my room wallpapered with Hanson posters.
I miss borrowing clothes from Amanda.
I miss swimming at Haley's.
I miss Haley.
I miss being crazy at Kristi's.
I miss Kristi.
I miss making plays with Melany.
I miss Melany.
I miss Melanie's 'oranges'.
I miss Melanie.
I miss fighting with Kathryn over the denim booksack that she got.
I miss Kathryn

Life happens SO fast. Time flies. I'm feeling so sad today.

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