Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Linden's appointment

Good news for ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She had some valve leakage at her last appointment so that's why her doctor wanted to put her on two new blood pressure meds, Enalapril and Digoxin, to lower her lung blood pressure and to force the 'bad' blood out of her heart. According to the 4d echo that was taken last appt it did look like she had a defect in the anatomy of her heart and that the meds most likely would not work because another surgery would be required to fix the leakage. After reviewing her echo today, her doctor said "She looks marvelous! There is significantly less leakage than last time and it looks like the meds are doing their jobs. We're going to put surgery on the back burner for now." I am sooooooooo relieved! It doesn't necessarily mean that she won't need surgery but for now she's responding incredibly well to the medicines. Her doc was shocked! He said that wasn't what he was expecting to see at all.

Thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers!!!!

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