Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm feeling raise $20,000 by Christmas!

It's been quite awhile since I've last updated my blog. I'm updating tonight because I have something very important on my heart that I need to share. I'm constantly checking Linkon 'my' babies on Reece's Rainbow. If you take a look, you'll see hundreds of orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs just waiting for a family. These sweet angels sent down from God to teach us what His love truly is. These babies live their whole lives not being wanted, kissed, loved, hugged, smiled at, sang to, read to, and basically being talked to like they are dumb because they have an extra 21st chromosome. If they aren't adopted by 4 years old, they are sent to a mental institution where 80% of them will die within the first year. This just breaks my heart.

I recently stumbled across this blog There are posts written by an 11 year old girl who is raising money for her family to bring home 1 year old, Darya from Russia. She's relying on faith in God to raise $20,000 by Thanksgiving! She gave herself 1 week for God to show them that nothing was impossible by putting her trust in HIM. The total of how much they've raised in 3 days will be announced tomorrow but from what I've read, they are very close to their goal. Isn't that amazing!?!?

I'm feeling inspired tonight. I'm thinking how easy it would be to raise money for Reece's Rainbow, myself. I bet that I can make $20,000 by Christmas! How amazing would that be for that money to be split up between several families so that more kids can be going home after the New Year! If every person who had read my blog donated $1, we would have over $11,000 right now!! Every single penny counts. Children's lives are on the line, here. So, I challenge you, if you feel compelled to give to a very worthy cause this Christmas, please email me at We have 33 days until Christmas! Ready.....set.......GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please watch this video and be inspired, too!!


UPDATE: I've added a DONATE button in the upper right hand of my blog to send money via Paypal.


  1. Bianca, you are a wonderfully giving person. I enjoyed your entire blog.

    I wish you the best of luck with your goal. I get paid next week and hope to help you with goal then.

    Holly Fedele

  2. We need an update. How is this going? i donated, and I really hope that you can make your goal. What a great idea, you are an inspiration!