Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long time no see! An update post of sorts

It's been over two weeks since I last posted. We've been crazy busy with school starting, homework in the afternoons, supper then trying to get the kiddos to bed. Mix in a couple physical therapy sessions, doctor's appointments, my every-other-day migraines, and you see how I can not find time to get on here. Here's a little update on the kids and I'll post another post with pictures soon!

Tristen is in 2nd grade and she's doing really well. The girl loves school. She has her routine down really well. She gets her school uniform out at night and makes her own lunch for the next day. She gets herself up at 6:00 AM and is usually dressed and completely ready by the time I [drag myself] up at 6:30AM. Yay!

Aislinn is in Kindergarten this year. She's totally my daughter--not a morning person at all. I'm usually dressing her while she's still sleeping, poor girl! She's also doing really well in school. Her teacher sent home a note last week that said "Aislinn is a pleasure to teach!" Yay, at least she's good in school. ;) Just kidding. She's missed the last three days of school, actually, because she's been running a fever. When the Tylenol kicks in, no more fever, but as soon as it wears off, she's not feeling too good. Today, I woke up with a migraine (so, what else is new?) and after I folded a batch of clothes, I couldn't stand it anymore so I asked Aislinn to watch Linden for me for a little while so I could rest in the dark. I put Noggin on and told her to just let Linden play on the floor. Well, I laid in bed for a little while the girls played together. My Excedrin Migraine finally kicked in and I was able to stand up without getting dizzy and got up to check on the girls. They were laying on the floor together and Aislinn was feeding Linden fruit puffs. Aislinn had gone in the closet, picked out an outfit, changed Linden's diaper, dressed her in the outfit she chose, put her hair in a ponytail and started feeding her! The only reason that I woke up was that Aislinn came into my bedroom to tell me that my alarm for Linden's meds was going off. She wanted to know if I wanted her to give Linden her medicine! I was so impressed!

Linden is now 12.5 months old! She had a procedure to open some blocked tear ducts on September 3 and all is well from that. We have a follow-up on Friday. I think she's finally gaining some weight! Her belly is getting rounder and she seems stronger. She's not yet sitting up on her own but she can definitely tolerate it for longer than before. She's really laughing and giggling at us now. She is pushing herself around in her walker (on purpose!). We started some solids last week but that really didn't agree with her belly and poor sweet girl was up half the night trying to poop. She was in alot of pain. I don't think it's time for solids on a regular basis, yet. Her big birthday party is this Sunday so I'll post lots of pictures then.

Today marks one year since my cousin Melanie died in a car accident. Her daughter, Kayla, died from injuries from the same accident 4 days later. If you don't mind, please say some prayers for Mel's sons, Rusty and Eric. Thanks.


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