Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cardiology update

So we had a cardiologist appointment this morning. I had my neice, Mackenzie, watch the older girls (so that we wouldn't have a three ring circus going on) and my mom came along with me for support. We were very hopeful because Linden has seemed so much healthier in the last few weeks. The nurse weighed Linden and she gained 400 grams (14 oz) in 3 weeks which is a good weight gain for her. She now weighs 15lb9oz at 11.5 months old. Her pulse ox, EKG, and blood pressure all were good as well. When Dr. B walked in he jokingly said "Well, Mama's hair and nails are done, everything must be going well." I guess I looked like a hag before. (Ha! Just kidding!) He said that her pigtails were adorable and that she really looked fabulous. He listened to her heart with his stethescope and said that she sounded better, too. Awesome! She then had an echo done by her nurse Jackie. When Dr. B came back in the echo room, he studied Linden's results and said that she indeed did have 'mild to moderate' MR (mitral valve regurgitation) compared to her 'moderate to severe' MR in April. One of the ways that her drs in Boston tried to explain what could have happened was that possibly because of the two different machines being used here in La and there in Boston that they got different sets of pictures. UM NO! With my completely unprofessional eye, I saw for myself today on Dr. B's echo machine (where he found the MR in the first place) that her results from April and today are very different! I could see the two large jet of blood in the one from April and in today's they show that the jets are much smaller now, although they are still there. Dr. B apologized to us for sending us so far from home and said that he felt 'stupid' when he heard that she didn't need surgery. I told him that it was NOT a wasted trip at all and not to feel stupid. He and the drs in Boston all saw the same thing. God just chose to heal Linden's heart without her having to go through another surgery ;)

And she's off of Digoxin [and Lasix] now! Still on Sotalol (for SVT), Enalapril, and Asprin.

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