Thursday, July 16, 2009

We're in Boston!

Finally, a new post from me! Joe, Linden and I are in Boston. We arrived at 1:30 and a friend of mine, Kelly, picked us up at the airport and we were at the Devin Nicole House by 2:00. Once we got settled in, it was nice enough outside to go for a walk. I was wearing jeans and actually wished that I was wearing shorts. It was in the high 70s. We walked in front of Harvard and tooks some pictures of Linden in front of it. We totally looked like tourists. Haha. I don't have the cables to upload those pictures online yet, but I'm going to share some pictures from Linden's car wash two weeks ago that was put together by her Uncle Luke.

Today was Linden's pre-operative testing. She had a chest x-ray, bloodwork, an EKG and an Echo all done by noon. I think she did pretty well considering she hadn't nursed since 6:00AM. She did have two drops of Pedialyte at 8:00 but she doesn't 'do the bottle' well so didn't get much from that. ;)

Tomorrow will be her heart catheterization procedure. It's necessary because it will give the cardiologist and surgeon a better idea of how her blood flows through her heart and how well it is pumping. The doctor will insert a thin plastic tube (catheter) into the artery in the crease of her leg. From there, it will be advanced into her heart chambers or coronary arteries. They will measure blood pressure within the heart and how much oxygen is in her blood as well. It's also very useful in finding out how useful her pumping ability is. This procedure has a relatively low risk of anything going wrong, but she will be under anesthesia so we would appreciate your prayers for tomorrow. Based on this heart cath, doctors will determine how to correct her valve leakage.

Here are the pictures from her car wash on July 1.




  1. Good luck with the surgery and everything else. Linden and your whole family will be in our prayers.

  2. I have been checking the blog often, as I thought y'all would be in Boston soon. I'm so glad that y'all have made it safely! We will definitely be praying for Linden tomorrow during the heart Cath, and for y'all. As one of the anestiologist in Boston once said to me, "It would be much better if we could just put the parents to sleep too!" So true! The waiting is not fun for the parents!

    Heart Hugs from a fellow CAVC family :)

    Rachel Unglesby

  3. praying for you all. My daughter had a catheterization in Boston on 11/5/08... everything went awesome. My daughter was 7 when she had it done though....
    praying for a successful procedure...
    my daughter has a blog she rarely updates if you want to take a peek for a quick giggle..
    stumbled on your blog on Safe Haven