Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

These are some things that just make me so happy!

Every time a family finds a child on Reece's Rainbow!

hearing a new name that I like

waking up to rain falling on our tin roof

Linden's gummy smile

Tristen's art

eating gooey sugar cookies straight out of the oven

getting to take longer than a 10 minute bath without interuption

My girls' smiles

popcorn with Ranch seasoning

getting a bag of hand-me-down clothes for the kiddos

waking up in the middle of the night and thinking it's morning but realizing it's only 2AM

getting a comment on my blog

Joe reaching to hold my hand for no reason
love letters

kisses on my forehead

cuddles with my baby girl first thing in the morning

seeing Linden have so much fun in her Jumperoo
a clean house

the smell of freshly cut grass

watching Joe so happy after his team wins

a Coke first thing in the morning

realizing that a prayer has been answered

meals made in the slow-cooker

people with Down syndrome
This picture
So, what are your simple pleasures?


  1. Cute, cute picture.

    You spoke my love language with a 'more than 10 minute bath'!

  2. That last photo is totally a simple pleasure. I just want to reach through the computer/photo and give those sweet cheeks kisses:) She's beautiful.

  3. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner, your daughters are gorgeous and the pictures of Linden are adorable! you are very blessed!

  4. Okay, your little girl is stinkin' adorable!!!! :) Love your blog, became a follower! :)

  5. So so precious! That last picture just kills me! I lost your email...I know you sent it to me at one point. If you're on facebook, I'd love to be your friend :)

    Rachel Unglesby

  6. those pictures are absolutely adorable!!!! :)

  7. OMGosh Bianca, I love those pictures, especially Linden's. She makes me smile so much!! I showed Trent her pictures and he smiled at her. I can't wait to get them together one day.

  8. What beautiful babies! God makes such extraordinary creations doesn't He?

  9. That last picture blew me away she is just too darn adorable!

    My simple pleasures is the fact that my 22 month old granddaughter who lives with us is learning to say "I wuv you" and when she says it to me I just melt. The other day she grabbed my face with both hands and just looked into my eyes, wow! Later she turned to me and said, "Nana, I love Mommy". clear as a bell and I looked at her and said and Mommy loves you very much too. Mommy is a full time college student trying to finish up her degree that she had to take a break from to have her, yep she's an OMGoodness baby..... as well as working a 22 hour a week job. Their time is very precious together.

    There are just so many little moments that I think people forget to even bother to take a minute to realize they are there.

    Thanks for the reminder!