Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Please help Jacob find his family!

Jacob is a 4 year old orphan boy in Eastern Europe who is already living in an institution. He deserves a chance! He deserves a family to cherish him. Currently, Jacob has $0 in his grant fund but you can help by donating via the chip-in in my sidebar. All I'm asking for is for 21 people to donate $21 each. If you'd like to donate more, that would be wonderful. His profile can be found here on www.reecesrainbow.org.


3-21-10 is World Down syndrome Day. What better way to celebrate these children than to give them the chance of a family?


What can $21 buy you? Let's see....
A quarter of a tank of gas [which won't last long]
A DVD [that you may only watch once]...
A bouquet of flowers [that will die]

What can $21 buy for Jacob?
Your $21 tax deductible donation to Jacob's grant fund will be added with other donations to equal a larger amount. That 'small' amount may be all that his future family needs to help them commit to him. That 'small' amount is subtracted from the total amount needed for them to come up with to bring Jacob home. Isn't he worth it?


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! If you are unable to give monetarily at this time, please pray for Jacob to have a family commit to him soon.


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  1. Jacob is such a sweetie! Thanks for your encouragement - it's so awesome to know that our Ana has had a prayer warrior who helped "pray" her into our family! I just can't wait to get her home and love on her!! Today I was feeling discouraged, so you have no idea how encouraging your words were!!